Easiest Ice Cream ever

It is unbelievable how quick you can make an ice cream, and without an ice cream maker! It takes only few ingredients and, using erythritol instead of sugar, you can even turn it into a low-carb dessert. Plus, for this super quick and healthy blueberry and strawberry ice cream you can use frozen fruit and have it on the menu all year around.

I have to thank Martina from KetoDiet Blog for this idea. Her keto recipes are amazing. If you don't believe that low-carb desserts can actually be delicious, you simply must try hers.

With gratitude to Martina here is even more simple version of this quick and easy ice cream.


200 g frozen blueberries
200 g frozen strawberries
400 g sour cream
40 g sugar (or erythritol for a low-carb version)


  1. Put all the ingredients in a bowl an mix them with a hand blender until smooth. You must not defrost blueberries or strawberries!
  2. Pour the mixture into the container and freeze for about 4 hours. After every hour take it out and mix well with a spoon or spatula. After 4 hours, if you can wait that long, take it out and wait for 15 minutes more before serving.                                                                                                      

NOTE: For scooping you can use quality de Buyer stainless steel ice cream scoop like this. Just don’t wash it in the wash machine - as I’ve learned the hard way.



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