Impress Your Loved Ones

Are you searching for a gift that is going to be truly memorable and useful to your special someone? You might find it right here in our web store.

  1. A bowl and a whisk? Why not! Together they are a perfect combination for baking enthusiasts. This open rolled edge stainless steel hemispherical bowl goes to refrigerator, deep-freezer and oven. One can use it for making emulsions, aerating, mixing, whisking, heating mixtures by bain-marie or storing ingredients. A whisk with stainless steel wires and anti-slip handle can be used for sauces, emulsions, egg whites, creams, pastry cakes …
  2. One more special gift for baking lovers? Le Tube, new de Buyer innovation, might be the right one. It is a pressure pastry syringe with the same applications as pastry bags. It can be used for filling, garnishing and decorating. It is easy to handle and is dishwasher safe. Read more …
  3. Is your special someone crazy about pancakes? Than this heavy quality iron pancake pan with a low skirt is perfect for him or her. And quiet special if I might add - it is coated with beeswax, organic protective finish against oxidation. The pan has natural non-stick properties. It only needs some love and special care. Read more …
  4. And for all those meat lovers out there? Non other than Mineral B PRO frypan. Also coated with beeswax this frypan is ideal for searing, grilling and browning. It has natural non-stick properties and is easy to handle thanks to riveted cast stainless steel handle.
  5. You do not know what a difference does a good quality knife make until you try it, right? Surprise your special someone with a first hand tested lightweight and very managable Asian chef knife with scalloped blade that prevents food from sticking to it, or heavy duty French chef knife, ideal for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables or slicing fish or meat.
  6. Here is another idea in this range - diamond cams blade sharpener Trium. It easily and quickly restores perfect sharpness to any type of knife. The diamond cams sharpen the blade with a precise cutting angle. It has coarse grit sharpener for dull blades and slot for fine sharpening.
  7. Mandoline instead of a knife? But of course! You can choose among standard Swing Mandoline, with a double horizontal blade and a double julienne blade, and Vantage Mandoline, that allows to cut all types of fruits and vegetables, even the softest, and comes with 3 graters.
  8. How does chromed iron pasta machine sound? Not bad, right? This de Buyer pasta machine enables to make noodles or tagliatelle quick and easy. It is a steady device for simple and safe use.
  9. And if you are looking for something really, really special? You can find it in our Prima Matera collection - a quality copper cookware, that enables perfect control of the cooking and perfect heating diffusion throughout the container for great tasting results. It has special induction base and modern design. One of these beauties can be a truly special gift for your special someone.
  10. Still searching? Than go to our catalog!



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